It Was You

I was in the darkest winter of my life, and the man I met along the way was my only summer. His eyes were as shimmering and deep as the blue oceans, and through them I saw visions of my future. And slowly, I began swimming through the chaos of thoughts that had once paralysed my mind  — drowning just enough, just to be able to awake in his warming arms.

You see, I was always dreamer. I’d wonder why the bulbs in the night sky couldn’t blaze for me, the way he did. But, I couldn’t escape the winters and would silently accept that my petals and soul were becoming withered, while all the thorns in my mind dug an inch deeper into my hope.

Down the line, his summery words would soon start to heal me and he’d often lull me into a blissful and beautiful sunny happiness…My psyche became a part of his, that so often, immense thinking of him without me did not make sense. And the very thought of being divided, was like asking me if I could live with half of my body, which I couldn’t.

Then, it became a madness knowing that the cold air I blew around him, echoed my love. An even deeper madness knowing that all at once, he could be the sun and sky I was dancing with, laughing with and angry with — yet never enough to stop me from wanting him.

His presence was gentle and graceful, it moved in a fiery, sunny luminescence. Then as if an artist, he slowly painted over the blank, cold canvases in my memories – filling them with visions of our future and the summer I would finally to decide to live again.


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