The Scientist

I found you in the dark,
Alone and afraid.
I told you not to fade,
Not to trade your soul for an empty hole,
And not to give up on your goals.
I told you about the universe,
And how we were made –
In a sea of moonbeams,
In a sea of endless dreams.

You see, you saw the end before it begun,
And I know you wanted to run.
You told me you couldn’t, because of me,
Because you’d set me free.
You made my heart,
And built my soul,
You changed my life,
And shaped my goals.
You told me about life,
And how it was one long fucked up flight,
Burning your wings through the night.

It may be over,
But I won’t stop there,
I’ll keep working on you –
Until you are repaired.


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