I’ve lost sense of direction but I think I will be okay.

It is a strange but sad truth, we long for what we cannot call our own. We hope that one day, just one that someone can long for us too, because we have never felt wanted in such way and to feel that I think is sometimes a bittersweet moment. I have become severely addicted to ‘Sex and The City’, I feel that it relates to me at times.

Easter has been filled with my attempts to do work, I find that my concentration levels are corrupted by my own distractions. I know that it is all in my hands, but having to grip on unto my fading dreams is making me feel that I can’t do it. This being said, I know I can do it. I know I can steer through any obstacle, hell I am already living, so what more is there? Motivation, dedication and overall finding a solution to my unhappy mentality. Either way, I am fighting my demons one by one and changing those habits that taint my opportunities.



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