” The past is dropped not because it is bad but because it is dead.”

Today I underwent some surgery, it wasn’t as dramatic and fearsome as I thought and made out in my mind. I feel extremely happy its over and I am proud that all my closest friends missed me and wished me luck. I am a little sore, but apart from that I am reading whilst basking in the ambience of the sun and cold wind through my balcony.

Today marks a day of change and self improvement for my body, spirit and soul. From tomorrow I will eat fantastically well and also begin my half term revision a tad early because I have to recover.. In terms of my soul, it will remain all loving and forgiving those who have hurt me and I hope it reaches out (vice-versa).
Life is going to flow like rivers for me, because I believe and hope that everything in my past won’t make me afraid of carrying on.

Its about looking to what you have, and not what you don’t. In every light, in every person. My spirit won’t be broken, it will transcend and grow and one day be fuelled by passionate love.


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