Everybody has a private world where they can be alone.

Yesterday I invited you over, how funny it is now that we can look to each other as just friends. I remember how sad I felt about us, about you leaving me. Getting over this barrier has been the best thing, because true friendship rides through any storm and I guess that is what we have. Now I call you bro’, dude and man, it doesn’t bother you neither does it bother me. Lesson learnt,  when you split up with someone remain their friends and it will vouch fairer than being angry about what they did. Its the way I work anyway, I mean if you don’t really want me in your life, be prepared for me to fully remove you from any strings that might have been attaching us together.

No one is perfect, I guess human nature errs from the norm and does what in can to find its own way through. Like I am doing currently, college is going brilliantly. Well except for English literature, which in fact I have to dedicate my nights to re-reading the texts chosen. As for film and drama, they are a solid (A/B) subject. I am really enjoying essay writing in film, especially the topics the give us. I hope I can pull through it, I would love to end up with A,A,B – A,B,B. ( contemporary God, give me the power. Amen)



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