Don’t tell me its not worth fighting for.

Where do I stand? You confuse me with your feelings and make me hold unto a hope, the reality is we are probably never going to get back to who we are. When I asked you what you wanted, you responded by saying ‘you’. I still think about you, still think about the moments we spent together and how much I was the one who always cared and looked out for you.. I am still allowed to dream, even if it does involve you, I can’t deny how much I still wish to look into your eyes and tell you… Things I don’t think I would ever tell anyone. Then again, I am just a girl looking for my own paradise.. I am looking forward to this summer, laying in the scenery of a beautiful dream and hoping that someone out there will let me know I belong. I am just searching for people I can rely on, yet not wholly depend on because happiness should be found in the eye of the beholder right? So why is it, I can’t find my own? It could be that I am a teenage drama queen, that gets too hopeful all the time.


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