Coast to coast.

It has been long since I have written anything. I need to choose an allocated day to dedicate to writing. How have you been then Amy?

I have been forever dreaming, I am deeply caught up in my fantasies and it is all nothing but nonsense. I am on top of things at school and know that I aiming for the highest I can reach. My mood is definitely  improving it because I realise I don’t want to spend my life depressing over people who don’t want to care or want me in their lives. It is the best feeling to feel, a relief from every expectation – Loneliness can leave you in single, yet in singledom you learn to love yourself more.

I have always been a strong person, ( atleast held the facade of being one). What are my plans? To let go, let it all go and float away like a piece of paper. I am tired of making out I have the worst life there is, when clearly I am very lucky to be where I am. Not going to take for granted what I have, neither do I want people to take me for granted.

I have started writing short stories on Wattpad, which I should also be posting here. ( I do find this blog to be entirely profressional, unless you scroll along the posts where I am having emotional breakdowns. You do forgot I am over dramatic?


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