I have had this story roaming my mind for ages, here is a little summary of what it is about and if it sounds seductive to you…Let me know if you would like me to continue pursuing it, because it is so strongly vivid and I know it could have a lot of potential.

It is 2050.Paladin is a great, grand and beautiful desert City ruled by Lady Contessa.

Divided, Paladin is kept in the hands of spiritual Gods who remain in the upper spheres of the land. Recently, Lady Contessa has given birth to a son, who she names Tiberius. She anoints him to  take on the empire, assigning men and women of prestige to teach him of the world he must grow to own and reign over. When Tiberius reaches the sacred age of 21, the God’s grant him and give him a female slave,Talendar. He soon falls under the tempting warm sensual blends, sweetly leading to loving Talendar. Tiberius is aware that this causes conflicts with the laws of Paladin. Talendar is known to be his weakness, in a fit of jealousy Saphira, a sister of the chains and also a slave sells out Talendar to Tiberius’s rival Legon the 13th. Legon in his victory, also falls in love with Talendar.This causes Talendar to be the core of war, between Paladin and Niatrit.Tiberius will not rest till his love has returned and Legon refuses to let go of his lust for her. Both men of high caliber, who at the mercy of their identity,fight for the thing they love to the deaths, who will conqueror the hearts of all hearts?


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