The end.

My muse and inspiration has left me. I am all alone now, he dumped me. Now I can be depressed as I want, not eat and have a good reason to cry. Where do I go from here? Where does the wise old owl fly too? Nowhere but in complete isolation and loneliness and its where I remain always. Listening to those songs that pull at my hearts strings and let me cry endlessly.

But it needed to happen, it was going to happen. So now it has, my last wish is to let him him read the most beautiful words by me. I won’t let him forget who I was to him and what I stood for, where I came from and every colour that ever shined so brightly. Though he may wish not too, or ever find someone like me, I hope he understands I won’t forget every good memory we had. I hold no grudge, a little anger,  a little upset, pain deeply and no regrets.

I knew it was going to happen and I can’t let my heart hold on to something that hurts me, it hurts me that his laziness and own stupidity didn’t let him appreciate who I was. It is his loss, I know but it is also my one too.

Born alone, die alone right?


Catching teardrops  in my hands Only silence as it’s ending, like we never had a chance Do you have to, make me feel like there is nothing left of me?




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