Feet don’t stop me now.

So I have been checking my ex-bestfriend’s blog regularly and noticed she removed any evidence of me, good for her I guess and good for me. I have done well without her, been getting on at school better than ever and everything is in gear but apart of me misses her. Its hard to just forget a person who you spoke with everyday, who you cried too everyday and who you shared your life with basically. But sometimes if you love something let it go right, if it does really love you and want you in its life ~ then it will come back, hopefully.

Nonetheless, I had my hair done and I have been spending my time encompassing my brothers bedroom because its so warm and makes me think of the happiness that is overexposed in Disney films. I have a lot of homework to do today, that will go hand in hand with the cleaning I have to do as well. Its the price to pay for changing my hair, but it was worth it. I am no longer a plaited blonde/golden honeybee and rather now I am a dark horse, ( Adrina Lima colours). I love that woman. To give myself some time, I am watching American Horror Story and destroying my body with junk. Well that’s why I love starting a new week, cause then I can restart a healthy cycle of eating again!

I also got some cute boots and black jacket, new me I guess?

(My new hair :D)


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