Stay the night, but keep it undercover.

I spent part of the morning talking to H, and assuring him its going to be okay. I am not letting him fail anything, cause I know what it feels like to be a disappointment. I hope he doesn’t forget what I told him, they are so many things I want to say to him yet sometimes I can’t find the courage to tell him. He seemed a bit happier that I hanged around with him. Whatever forces work up there, even if it is stars or God, I hope he does well in his exams. He needs the confidence to believe he can pass, he needs to find his own balance too. In the mean time, I understand I have been hesitant to buckle down and write but here a little poem. I am also thinking of writing some short fiction soon, I just need to find a good topic.



It was a contract I signed with my heart,

my deepest of fires – could not tame the loose desire,

He was the mover of waltzing stars,

I was the girl dreaming of para,paradise.


It was a weakness that I fell,

he was the deliverer of an unbinding spell,

his mind so intellectual, as I began breathing.

This secret war dealt like cards in the night,

as loving him became alive.


Like a Scholar trained to teach,

love gave me this collar a memory to keep.

I signed the contract with my heart,

knowing not even the world,

this feigned para, paradise

 could keep us apart.


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