She was just a girl, she expected the world.

I am finding my balance! I have been working out, spending extra time on homework and basically pushing myself to reach my own personal paradise. I feel those endorphin’s dancing in my body, honestly. The only thing left is for me to beg my mother to change my hair, I have had since last year October and its so annoying now. I want lovely curly hair, that bounces as I walk and is like a mane of fire around me.

H is still feeling a little ‘meh’ – ( This word is slang for not bothered/frustrated/tired etc). He calls me a drama queen, but I find it cute that the littlest things bother him so and how angry he gets about it all. I have done my best to comfort him, he is yet to receive a preaching from me. In the meanwhile, he is studying for retakes and I am leaving him alone and for once I am not being upset about it all. I am just proud of myself, I spent so long thinking and beveling that I wouldn’t get anywhere. Yet here I am, independent and thinking clearly about what it is I want out of life.

I have been replaying this song like crazy.

I am going to watch Megamind now, then fall soundly asleep.Looking forward to breakfast, nomnomnom.


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