Offers, offers and more.

Out of the four universities I have applied for, 4 of them have said yes! This is just what I have needed to boost my confidence, I feel that I only bear good news lately… I have also been told I got a high B/A in my drama performance and if I do well in my coursework and the main exam, I am more than positive my overall grade can be an A.

I am more than thrilled and actually getting along well with my coursework. The only problem is H, he seems a little uninterested (not in me, in general he’s been quite pessimistic). I know what he needs is an aspiring, jaw-breaking, problem solving advice from me. I always give the best advice but never take a dose of my own medicine. He just needs to break this cycle of unhappiness and look at things from another window, he is more wonderful than he believes.



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