Guess what?

I got accepted into the University I wanted, my first choice. I am finally going to be doing the course I want, then I will continue on and become something. I am so happy, extremely overjoyed because its given me the incentive to work harder knowing that I have to get the grades. For the first time on a Friday, I actually completed some coursework for drama… I am planning to do more of the pages this weekend, hoping that I can get my hair done. As I have always said, with new hair comes a new personality – though I have began my plight of imagination already so all I need to believe in myself.

To any one who is at loss with their belief, there is an answer out there waiting for you too. It comes when you least expect it, when you thrown into the deep end of life and nothing seems to let you get to surface, it will happen. Maybe not today, or tomorrow but someday, someday it shall.

Right now I am plundering to the shallow end, swimming further and I like it. I like the new me, I love the people around me and most of all I am happy.



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