I spent New Years with you and enjoyed every moment you reminded me that I am still yours. I understand that being both fire signs, when brought together we realise how much it is we mean to each other. Our relationship is not a fairy-tale, yet I can’t deny feeling the of being luckiest girl when our hands touch palm to palm. Above all it is my own dramatic self who over thinks the question that is us, you are my inspiration that fuels my emotions to deepest valleys and the highest mountains –  the flame that burns beautifully. Why is it I find contempt though sometimes you bring me anger? Why is it when I speak to you, I become… I become a flower that blossoms. Love touches our relationship in small forms, maybe not the real love but just enough for me to know and you to know that come what may, I will remain above all your best friend and if this year lets it, I hope we can be together for longer. I hope that spending this New Years with you, will maybe one day ( a dreamer, I am a constant dreamer) let us be together in the future as well.

Come what may, I want to let you know that you were the gift that I found in 2011 and I love who you are, always.




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