I will cross oceans like never before.

Five days to Christmas.

His friend said to me Listen, I bet this has nothing to do with you or how you act, he loves you. I know that for sure.

I would love to believe he does, in every fantastical dream, he tells me so. The reality is that love means alot of things, I can’t seem to define the way I feel about him or whether it is in those words.

To me love is not about depending on the other, because if the other had to suddenly leave or tragically die, who are you left to lean on? Who can light the darkness you feel?


Then again I am just a clueless teenager.

I need to learn that, I need to accept that this is me. A single human being, unique and unrepeatable.

Five days to go and the tree is up, I should be excited that it is Christmas…….. But I am not, I am not even half way there. Whatever supernatural force control my life, please give me a chance to actually become happy this new year?


I need Brazil, the throb, the thrill
I’ve never been there, but someday I will
Adventure and danger, love from a stranger
Let me be surprised

– All Dogs go to Heaven.






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