To the one whom I loved.

If life made my course hard for me to take on, then with you I can set in stone that everything is going to be okay. You seem to be the one with the answers- to let me understand that they are there all along in me, in who I am and who I will grow to be.

I never fail to question you over my judgement, I look to you as the one who will help me – a true desperation within myself to the feel deliverance of achievement. I have learnt to respect that as humans we make mistakes, thus only to learn from them. I look back at who I was before I knew you, my aims were nonetheless never going to be met. No you didn’t promise me they would come true, you let me decide my own fate, you let me choose who I was to become. I saw there was light, within every darkness there is one….

I can listen to you feed me your knowledge, as you listen to me and remind me to keep strong as you remind me that though others may not – you believe in me, you will find me when I am lost, hold me, and will always be the light in a darkspell.For so long I was running in circles, never understanding why in the first place yet my circle led me to you, we completed it. Your hands and mine, my heart in yours and the never ending adventure.

For who I am was in the mirror all along, the one you held for me, the one you showed me. Through your teachings, through every blessing…I grew to love you, for you…Never have you lied to me of who you are, so I will not lie to you who I am. I love you.

(I wrote this in  April 2010)


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