Parallel lives

I can justly say this Saturday night was not lonely. With much boredom in my hands, so much sadness in my heart all I thought of was escaping to chat-roulette. I know most of us assume the only types of people that even attempt to enter such a site are either sexually ready males or equally females who wish to flash their lilies. I can confirm I am neither of those, I am more of a venturer who looks for inspiration and the chance to enjoy laughter amongst the comfort of a stranger.

I met a scientist man today, lord knows what he does but he seemed to me to be a sort of magical wizard. He talked about reading brains, then moreover mentioned he was Canadian, apart of me wondered why did he not wear moose antlers? He talked about a lot of wonderful things, he thought he was being boring but I believe he had all my attention. We drew Christmas trees and versions of our animals, we laughed alot about the fact he was Canadian ( My humour is light, not at all offensive). It was truly entertaining to sit down and have such a conversation with someone who lives across the world, completely parallel from my own life. Though this can be said, in every smile of his and light in his eyes I felt a warmth knowing that I was one of many destined to meet this cereal killer. ( Yes ladies, he puts milk all over his cereal and then digs into the heart of it with a silver spoon. The horror!)

It goes to show the world is a lot smaller than we make out, time or distance, day or night… There is always someone ready to talk to you, always someone willing to take a moment to listen and most of all a place where you can find friends. These people that I meet like this scientist man show me the world is not as dark as we think it is.


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