Your guitar, it seems so far away

I am tired of waiting to be happy – it’s not in losing weight, having a boyfriend, having the perfect life or being wealthy it’s in you. Those things can add to it, but mainly it’s all in you. It took me a long time to believe that, to believe that I could be happy. I am not going to cry over spilt milk anymore because I know that as much as you claim to hate me, a part of you still does love me – for if you didn’t you would have done everything in your power to ignore me. I am not saying you’re not happy, but clearly your anger always seems to outweigh your happiness. Don’t blame me for that, I am not the one who stops you from living, ever, I am not the one who controls everything that happens to you, I am not the one who has ever sat down and thought you are not good enough for me. That is all you, you and your delusional mind who actually don’t think your good enough for life.

Something I told my best-friend long ago.


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