Faith, just like potatoes!

I have decided to not spend my time dwelling over spilt milk, there is of course the choice to clean it or leave it as…And I am cleaning away and getting rid of the things that make me return to an unhappy place. It has been a sad month, where I have lost my best-friend due to unnecessary difficulties, I have yet to understand what really happened. Apart of me assumes that I should be the one to apologize, but the problem with her is not me; rather her own inner-conflicts that I am not responsible for. I love her, but she needs to learn to love herself because it is the most important lesson that has always been… The problem is with me, I can sit down and give someone in need the greatest of advice whereas I seldom follow my own.

My Saturday consisted of eating lovely pancakes drizzled in the sin of Canadian maple syrup, then casually depressing over my life to then become a day where food is food and I shall eat endlessly. My Sunday will consist of me writing three english essays, ( the subject that ridicules my life, yet somehow I consider to want to study it further in University). My new found loneliness has brought me closer to my blog, I guess it is a positive. Its time for me clamp down and work slightly harder, I also need to persuade my teachers a little before my UCAS application shall be sent off.  Whatever happens I know that I will get there, someday. For now I shall gossip and banter over Demi and Ashton, ‘The Golden Couple of Hollywood’.


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