I would much like to show everyone, especially other teenagers like me life from my window and bring into the idea, life isn’t only about being considered ‘cool’ or doing things that brand you so. It’s about the journey, the roads we are given and the stability we feel as people to take these steps in life. I am not saying I am perfect, or have always done things perfectly but I mainly wish to enthuse the idea of making life, though it is short, the sweetest it can be. This is important to me, for I would feel such a sense of accomplishment to see that my work could give a person a spark in their mind, even some inspiration to live life better. It is easier said than done, but I know for sure that I will always keep my head high and try the best not to make what I write ‘boring’. I have a rough idea of what is considered, ‘boring’ and will work to find a balance so that everyone can be interested. I would be sure to bring my funny and weird sense of humour into my work, only if I could see it made sense in my writing.

– When I tried to persuade a paper that I could be their new young writer, I didn’t get the chance, but a year on and my writing has improved.


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