A letter to myself

Dearest Amy,

I want to congratulate you for reaching the age of 17. For going through all the things you have, yet still manage to keep up appearances. You realise that you are not the only one who suffers in this world; you understand that they will be a time where everything will work in equilibrium. Your life will be lovely to the extent that you start to accept that as your only fate.  Amy you need to work hard this year, you need to achieve so much in so little time to benefit your future, benefit your potential thought of having children. I want to remind you that you are not perfect – neither do you need to attain it with desperation, find your balance in everything that you do.

I know that you have done well adapting to sixth form, you have made honest friends and have started a relationship that has showed you the perks and lows of ‘love’. Amy for that you know, the greatest thing you will ever learn is to love and be loved in return. Life is short, anger can be long-term waste not days in the unrest of sorrow rather resolve any problem that occurs with a smile.

Now in order to attain your balance I have written up new goals for you to achieve, I have refused to put the word ‘try to’ as I know that you are better than that. You have the ability to do anything you wish, if you yourself truly believe in it. I want you to not forget these goals, to in engrain them into the sands of your mind for the day you re-read this letter shall be the day where you become everything you have ever wanted to be. You will be successful in every light, physically, intellectually and very much smothered in wealth. ( Believe it, then you MUST achieve it) – I refused to put the word ‘can’, can is a false hope – Must is a command.

Your first goal is to study like there is no tomorrow, you must take time to value your education – this year especially if you want to get into a university. You must dedicate four times a week a two and half hour review of school work on top of having homework/coursework. You know how lucky you were that you managed to scoop 3bs and 1C for your AS results – that being achieved without even trying. I want you to achieve (AAA-AAB) grades for A2 results. For these are the grades that will bridge you into the world of success, you must do it and the only way you can is if you get off your lazy ass and for ONCE in your life take education serious. For it shall be what determines if you will be here today or either gone tomorrow.


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