Liebe Sperre – ‘Love Lock’


Diamond sparkled eyes,

Beauty adorned in the beholder lies.

I could never choose to recreate such a pure form

Innocence of a child, running free as if a wolf, untamed

Animal in the beguiling wild.

Tastes of critic, to your lips, and the surrender,

The sweet surrender of your kiss.

Night painted obsidian, the sorcery of my heart to

Beautiful treasures from another life –

Render into my past, who was I, who were you, and somehow
I can’t forget your face.

No other shall ever recreate such a taste of heaven,
love –you- yes.

Day dreams ridiculed by life, the reality of it. Welcome to the society that parts you and I,

That left me
yonder upon a rock; here I am, covered in tears, for you my love.

They say you are fragment of my imagination.

I laughed at their ease to deny my mental stability.

Can’t they see through the desire? Burning when I
speak of your name, for I know now,

Love shall

Never be the same.


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